GET 100%

On Your First Deposit

Up To TSH 1,000,000!

100% up to THS 1,000,000 FREE BET on the first deposit.

Bonus Terms and Conditions:
(a) 3 rollovers
(b) Not less than 3 Matches
(c) Total Odds 2.2

Betslip Amount: The amount of each betslip will be equal to the first money you deposit into your account.

For example: If you deposit THS 5,000 and your betslip wager is THS 7,000… the amount that will be considered is THS 5,000.
For the purpose of repeating another betslip: Bets must be on different matches. Placing a bet on the same game – will not count towards this bonus.
Bonus: Get 100% up to THS 1,000,000 Free Bet on your first deposit after 2 betslips.

How to participate in this bonus? It’s easy – it automatically enters your account after completing registration and filling out your information.