200,000,000 TSH

SUPER 12 JACKPOT: For TSH 1000 Win

60,000,000 TSH


Jackpot Terms and Conditions

1. The jackpot (“pool”) product is running by the rules of the company and apply by the company general rules and conditions.

2. Entrants are required to submit their predictions of the pool before the first scheduled match of each competition kicks off (the “Competition Closing Time”). To win a share of the jackpot, participants must correctly predict the final result or correct score of all Matches. In the event of multiple winners, the jackpot will be shared.

3. To take part in the Competitions, participants must select a result/outcome (Home Win, Draw, Away Win or any other results) for each one of the Matches featured on the pools, Competition Page. Matches may be played either over the weekend or during midweek. The fixed stake for one prediction per match (one-line bet) is shown in the pool page. It is possible to enter more than 1 prediction per match, this will increase the cost of the ticket for every additional line. Additional selections made on more than one per match will cause the stake to increase depending on the combinations selected.

4. By purchasing a Jackpot ticket, you agree that your first name & photograph may be used for promotional purposes by the Company. You agree to cooperate in connection with the execution of any additional permissions or releases deemed reasonably necessary by the Company in order to use your name and photograph for such promotional purposes. Matches will be settled on the official result after 90 minutes of play, including any ‘injury time’. Extra time and penalty shoot-outs shall not be included. This competition are open to persons aged 18 years or over, Proof of age and identity may be required.

5. Players will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and agreed to be bound by them when entering this Competition.

6. Where there is any disagreement as to the details or status of a Bet, the company records will be the primary source of evidence for the details/status of the Bet.

7. The company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide to suspend betting on a pool at any time. The company also reserves the right to void a pool in its entirety or any Leg(s) or Bet(s): to correct any obvious errors; to maintain integrity and fairness in the company pools; if there has been a change to the format or events within a pool; or if it believes any Bet has been placed in contravention of either these Terms of Play or the rules of a sports governing body or another relevant professional body.

8. In the event of any uncertainty about any official result, The company reserves the right to suspend settlement of any pool until the uncertainty can be resolved to its reasonable satisfaction.

9. To be valid, bets must be placed before the Competition Closing Time, i.e. the time the first scheduled Match of each competition kicks-off. Any bets inadvertently accepted after this time will be refunded.

10. Once submitted, entries cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their entry is submitted correctly.

11. The winner of the Jackpot cannot also claim the 1st, 2nd and 3rd consolation prizes. In the same way, the 1st consolation prize winner is not entitled to the 2nd consolation prize.

12. If one or two games are cancelled or abandoned for more than 72 hours from original time… the company will make a draw in our head office to decide the result of the game for the pool needs only. If more than two games are cancelled or abandoned for more than 72 hours from original time… all bets on the pool will be refunded.

13. In the event of an error that results in the acceptance of an incorrectly staked or otherwise incorrect or unpaid entry, the company reserves the right to make the required manual adjustments to the pool before calculating the prize shares.

14. Match results and prizes will be displayed in the Pool History section on website

15. The company reserves the right to request winners to provide a valid proof of identity or address before any payment is made.

16. The company reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Competition at any time, for any reason and without notice.

17. All the Company’s general Terms and Conditions apply to the coupon and take precedence if these Jackpot Coupon Terms and Conditions conflict.

18. For the Jackpot Supa 15 if all the selections except reserved matches are lost the customer will get 5000 TZS.

19. For the Jackpot Supa 12 if all the selections except reserved matches are lost the customer will get 5000 TZS.